Dashrath Manjhi: The Mountain Man

I’ve heard of this story before, of an Indian man who spent 22 years of his life to carve a path through a mountain only using only a hammer and chisel. I came across the story again today and decided to do some more digging into the backstory, and was blown away that this all actually happened.. Here’s an excerpt from his wikipedia page:

Dashrath Manjhi ran away from his home at a young age and worked at Dhanbad’s coal mines. He returned to his village and married Phalguni Devi. While crossing Gehlour hills to bring him lunch, she slipped and seriously injured herself, which eventually led to her death. Manjhi was deeply disturbed and that very night decided to carve a path through the Gehlour hills so that his village could have easier access to medical attention. He carved a path 360-feet-long (110 m), 25-feet-deep (7.6 m) in places and 30-feet-wide (9.1 m) to form a road through the rocks in Gehlour hill. He quoted that, When I started hammering the hill, people called me a lunatic but that steeled my resolve.

He completed the work in 22 years (1960–1983). This road reduced the distance between the Atri and Wazirganj sectors of the Gaya district from 55 km to 15 km. Though mocked for his efforts, he has made life easier for people of Gehlour village.

Here is an image of the actual mountain today:

The quote in the comic strip summarizes the message perfectly:

Those who believe they can move mountains, do.

Those who believe they can’t, cannot.