Meeting Your Must

I was watching a motivational video the other day and I came across a quote/concept during the video that caught my attention and made me re-listen to it a few times and think. There was a snippet in which motivational speaker Tony Robbins discussed the concept of “meeting your must.” What does that even mean? Basically the concept revolves around things we should do vs. things we must do. We rarely do the things we “should” do, but we ALWAYS do the things in which we “must” do.

Quotes Picture: you meet your must you rarely do what you 'should' you always do what you 'must' make success a beeeeeeping 'must'!

We should floss daily. We should exercise consistently. We should read books and proactively expand our minds. But notice how these shoulds are oftentimes things that we wouldn’t mind skipping here and there or for the vast majority, are things that aren’t done at all. But contrast this to things we must do. We must eat daily. We must sleep. We must drink when we’re thirsty. It’s to an extreme, but I think it gets the point across. For example, the mindset of “I should stop smoking” is drastically different once you make the mental commitment and believe “I must stop smoking.” Things that are a must are prioritized and are addressed with a high sense of urgency, and I believe successful people are able to place their goals in this “must” category.

Although a simple concept, it was stated in such a simple way that I’m sure many people don’t consciously think about on a consistent basis. Reaching your goals and the velocity in which you achieve them is all a priorities game. If you prioritize your goals 100%, success is almost inevitable. It reminds me of Eric Thomas’s Secrets to Success speech in which he said:

“Most of you say you want to be successful,
But you don’t want it bad,
You just kinda want it.

You don’t want it badder than you wanna party.
You don’t want it as much as you want to be cool.

Most of you don’t want success,
As much as you want to sleep!”

Are your goals really your #1 priority? If not, they’re just a should. You’re most likely thinking you “should” be wealthy and successful. It would be nice to be rich and prosperous. But is it something that deep down in your heart you know you MUST achieve? When you understand your priorities and know what you must do/accomplish, your actions will automatically align you toward the right path. When we look at those that have achieved “success” in the eyes of society, oftentimes these individuals had tunnel-vision focus and an obsession toward reaching their goals. There was no other way. In the end, I think urgency is a key word in understanding your level of ambition toward reaching your goals. What’s your level of urgency? Is it that important to you? How bad do you want it? I think we need to tackle our goals with a sense of urgency, otherwise they’re really not priorities. They’re just conveniences.