Belief Systems

I want to briefly talk about “belief systems” which I would define as the collection of beliefs that you hold as fact about yourself and your life. This is important because the beliefs we hold could either be dangerously limiting us, or empowering us to open up new worlds of success. What are your beliefs? Do you believe you’re going to be wealthy? Do you believe you’re going to dominate your career? Do you believe you’re destined for greatness?

As I’m watching the Rio Olympics, the sports networks occasionally play a short montage/story of an athlete that allows the viewers to get some background into the athlete and how they became world-class, Olympic competitors. Usually the clips would be of athletes that overcame extreme adversity to rise to the top, but surprisingly all of the greatest athlete seemed to have one thing in common while they were growing up and training – they believed they could do things or achieve greatness even before they could.

Belief is a powerful force. It controls how we view the world and the experiences that come into our lives everyday. For me, I try to say affirmations to myself everyday saying I AM… whatever I want to be in the future. I’m affirming things that are already coming my way. But I have to stop myself from time to time to ask myself, “Do I really believe these things?There’s a huge difference between saying something, and believe in it. Believe has no doubt, and if you don’t completely believe what you’re saying to yourself, your mind sees it as a fraud. I truly believe I’ll be a great business leader and innovator and make an impact in this world, but it’s important that I check myself from time to time to assess if my belief systems are completely air-tight.