The Choice of Potential

I was listening to a short audio clip from the late Jim Rohn this morning and he shared a simple concept that I enjoyed. He questioned, “How tall does a tree grow?” Of course it grows as tall as it possibly can. A tree never thinks to grow any less than it possibly can. So why don’t humans achieve as much as they possible can? Because in his own words, “we’ve been gifted with the dignity of choice – to choose between actualizing part of our potential, or actualizing our whole potential.” The ability to choose may be our greatest asset as humans on this Earth, but it can also be our greatest downfall to our success. We have the ability to choose any life we want to life, but that means we also have the ability not to strive for that life, which is then living a life that you don’t want.

The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity.”

– Earl Nightingale

I remember deciding to myself years ago that I would never settle for an average life on my standards. Even if I don’t reach the life I want (but I will), at least I’d try to get there. To me, it just sounded like the logically better choice than to just live a life I hated. So as Jim Rohn says, let’s do the best we can.

Most people just try to get through the day. But gifted people learn to get from the day. They don’t let a day end without picking up some valuable experience, some emotional content, some idea that may positively affect their future.

– Jim Rohn