Overcoming Our Lazy Minds

Just a simple thought I came across this morning that got me ready to start my day with some extra drive:

BY DEFAULT, humans will:

  • settle into comfortable routines
  • naturally become lazy due to these routines
  • want to choose the safer/easier option


Think about that for a moment. Our brains are actually biologically programmed to naturally make us lazy/comfortable, and it makes sense. The primary objective of our brains is to keep us alive, period. If you keep doing new and uncomfortable things, your brain panics and fears for your safety. Have you ever noticed that if you do the same thing for a few days in a row, you naturally start to go through your days on auto-pilot without much thought put into a lot of the simple things? Routines become embedded in our minds so we can free up our mental activity and not have to think about the same things over and over.

I really believe that success requires us to overcome these biological mental tendencies because in a way, they’re a trap that most people fall into and never come out of. Success in my opinion requires us to fight against these tendencies, because if we don’t, they’re literally the default mode our brains will fall into. Push your comfort zone constantly. One of the simple phrases I’ve heard that really had an impact on my thinking is that “failure is the default.” If you don’t do anything to move forward and improve your life, failure is the default. You never just stay where you are – you’re either falling backwards into failure/safety or moving forward into progress. This thought keeps me on my toes.


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