Psychology of High Achievers

I watched this motivational video this morning and it got me thinking. It reinforced the belief I have that self-discipline is one of the core determining factors in getting ahead in life. Self-discipline opens up the door to hard work, persistence, focus, and mental strength. It reminds me of this quote by UFC champion, Conor McGregor:

Image result for success is always created in privacy, where no one sees your hard work

Cultivating discipline and practicing it on a daily basis is a lonely struggle for sure. They say “success is always created in privacy” and no one truly sees how hard you’re working behind the scenes. Only you know, and you hope/believe that all of this will materialize into something greater down the road. But it’s a quiet hustle that needs to spread into every little crevice of your life – this is something I learned over time. If your goal is to create a new company or do something incredible, you can’t afford to go out drinking on the weekends. You can’t even afford to grab one beer if it’ll affect your mind even the slightest the next day. Everything affects everything.

I love the phrase, “the precursor to success is delayed gratification.” I have this written in my room because it keeps me in check. In a way, the speed in which you achieve your goals/dreams comes down to how extremely you can delay gratification for your future success. The hard, hard-workers that go to the extremes of isolating themselves and only have tunnel-vision on their goal usually get to their goals the fastest. Those that rationalize, “I had a long day, let me just go grab a few drinks” and are tempted by present gratification when their willpower is low will most likely have a slower process. That’s fine, but it should be aligned with how badly you want it.