Reprogramming the Mind

Lately I’ve been feeling like my mind has become complacent and has lost a lot of that sense of “urgency” that’s critical to really getting ahead in life. It’s ironic since my circumstances have slowly been getting worse and worse, yet I’ve been begging my mind to go back to it’s normal state – hungry. Hungry to achieve my goals.

But last night I had an “I’ve had enough” moment. It’s one of those times where you have those low “dips” in life and you just can’t stand behind there anymore. These are the worse times, but I love them. I embrace these moments. I love feeling that fire burning inside me again. It’s time to get laser-focused again.


2 thoughts on “Reprogramming the Mind

  1. I hear you comrade. I am in a same pit hole and I feel exactly the same as you feel right now. I’ve had it enough. I am going to do something about it. “The situation you’re in is the situation you make” We both now need to change our gears and move on. Life is beautiful!


    1. Those were some very powerful words. When you’ve had enough, I believe everything starts to become clearer. Your goals, your standards in life, what you need to do now, etc. It’s time to get hungry again – let’s do it!


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