Foundational Concept of Money

Money is a transfer vehicle for value in this world. If we think from an evolutionary standpoint, we first acquired things we needed but didn’t possess by trading (barter). If I had a basket of potatoes and you had fresh drinking water that you traveled 10 miles to the nearest water source to get, we would trade resources (assuming we both wanted what the other had and perceived the traded goods as equal in perceived value). Everything was traded since it’s impossible to create/have everything you would ever need (in a civilized world). The concept of money was created in order to store value to make trading easier. We’re still trading, but now I can have a piece of paper that stores the same value as one of my cows in the case you might not want anything I have.
That’s all money is – a storage of value. So by definition, if you have more money, you possess more value. Assuming a law-abiding society, you could only have obtained more value by providing equal value to another/others. It’s like a perfectly balanced equation – you can’t ever provide X amount of value and receive 2X value in return. It’s a trade of equal proportions. So the proper way to think about obtaining more money is how can I provide more value to others?